Build Your Knowledge

  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Lead Trusts Can Come True

Speaker: Jonathan Gudema

While Charitable Lead Trusts are very rare planned gifts, and very few gift officers/professional advisors have ever been directly involved in establishing any of them, recent innovations along with the favorable rate environment has led to a resurgence of this complex giving vehicle. This session will go through the basics along with the more complex aspects of lead trusts so that you can understand several recently closed innovative lead trust scenarios. The goal of the session is to put some new, practical ideas in your hands to bring to your donors or clients. We will only use actually completed gifts for our case studies.

  • On Second Thought: Modifying the Purpose of Restricted Gifts

Speaker: Barbara Rhomberg

Gifts that are restricted to a particular purpose can be a mixed blessing. Sometimes charities wind up with endowment funds or other restricted funds that are difficult to use. Other times, it's the donors or their family members who change their minds, and ask to redirect their previous donations to a different use. In this program, Barbara Rhomberg will review the legal rules for modifying the purpose of restricted funds under the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA), using several case studies.

  • Why You (and Everyone Else in Your Office) Need to Understand Donor-Advised Funds

Speaker: Clinton Travis

Donor-advised funds have become the fastest growing charitable giving vehicle in the United States. Yet the (still evolving) rules regarding the acceptance of gifts from donor-advised funds must be followed to avoid potentially severe IRS consequences. This affects the planned giving department but also impacts the rest of the team including major gifts, gift processing, writing/stewardship, and any function that deals directly with donors. This session will help planned giving professionals understand the appropriate way to handle donor-advised funds from initial gift discussion to documentation.

  • Deferred Gift Annuities as a Retirement Supplement

Speaker: Jamie Holzer White

Funding one or a series of charitable gift annuities can provide a nice retirement supplement for a donor who wishes to make a gift to support your cause today but does not need payments until the future. This session covers a number of retirement planning options to suggest to your donors including a deferred charitable gift annuity (DCGAs) with a fixed retirement date, a series of retirement DCGAs funded with equal and unequal amounts, term payment DCGAs and flexibles.