Empower Your Donors

  • Blended Gifts: Accomplishing Strategic Philanthropic Goals!

Speaker: Cathy Sheffield

More and more charitable clients today seek options in establishing meaningful gifts, both in size and effect. The idea of asking donors to make a "blended gift" is an emerging trend in the world of philanthropy. With the growing popularity of blended gifts as a gifting strategy, those who work with the charitably inclined, including fundraisers and advisors, need to be prepared for when their clients request assistance exploring blended gifts as a way to achieve their personal and financial planning goals while still leaving a legacy. This presentation will include case studies to demonstrate how blended giving can enhance donor goals, while not detracting or derailing retirement and financial plans.

  • Turning Donor Objections into Opportunities

Speaker: Chris Kasavich and Michael Delzotti

Empowering our donors to make change in the world sometimes means having challenging conversations and addressing objections. And often, an objection opens the door to a larger conversation. This session will explore donor objections from a strategic and tactical level, both addressing the "why" as well as the "how," and position you to positively respond to better serve your donors and your institutions.

  • Top 10 Legacy Fundraising Strategies from Scientific Research: National Data & Results from the Lab

Speaker: Russell James

After fifteen years in academic research (plus more than a decade in frontline planned and major gifts fundraising), Professor James brings together scientific results from economics, neuroscience, psychology, demographics, and other disciplines to present the ten most important and effective strategies for increasing fundraising success. Beyond just "war stories," this presentation gives you a deep understanding of what works – and why – in effective legacy fundraising.

  • Is your Organization "Worthy of the Gift?" … How to Communicate Your "Worthiness" to Donors

Speaker: Bryan Taylor

Utilizing your donor engagements more effectively opens the door to more significant financial discussions and opportunity for substantial gifts. As you approach your donors about potential gifts, learn how you can demonstrate your organizations worthiness. In this session we will explore: giving opportunity recognition, understanding and communicating your organizations worthiness and developing an understanding of the current economic outlook and how it impacts your gift opportunity set.