Energize Your Program

  • Ten Simple Ways to Establish, Grow, or Reignite an All Star Planned Giving Program

Speaker: Kathryn Miree

In a world where it is easy to get distracted by bells and whistles, learn ten practical and straightforward ways to energize your planned giving program. These ten ideas will add vigor and verve to your entire development team whether you are establishing a new planned giving program, have a successful program, or simply want to get the organization focused on engaging donors in deferred gifts. These basics will add life to every size organization at any stage of planned giving.

  • Doing Planned Gifts Well - Even with a Limited Staff and a Tight Budget

Speaker: Paul Hood, Kimberly Jetton and Scott Nelson

Raising planned gifts may appear daunting when that's not all you do, you are a one or two person shop and/or have limited resources. The good news is even if you have staff limitations and a tight budget, it is still possible to be very successful. Hear from a panel of three experienced fundraisers on the best strategies (for organizations of every size and budget) to engage and motivate donors to give.

  • Lessons Learned After 34 Years as a Fundraiser and Why I Always Work on my Birthday

Speaker: Kirby Hughes Gould

This workshop will be interactive, as the speaker recalls donor stories over a lifetime of working in fundraising and planned giving. Closing donor gifts can be both challenging and fulfilling, and sometimes there is a race against the clock to meet a tax deadline. Kirby will share these lessons learned to inspire, engage, and encourage participants on their journey to move money to the mission of their cause.

  • Generating New Gifts from Old Donor Leads with Reconnection Calls

Speaker: Marc Littlecott

All planned giving shops have old leads that, for whatever reason, just never moved forward all those years ago. Rather than ignore or forget about them, having a regularly scheduled calling session that utilizes a particularly effective cold-calling technique borrowed from the for-profit industry, gift planners will see many of these seemingly dead leads "resurrect" to become active planned giving prospects. This session begins with a talk on this effective technique, then will team audience members with each other to practice the technique in various scenarios that all will find common to their work.