Engage Your Best Prospects

  • How to Engage Your Best Prospects - Using Your Time and Theirs More Effectively to Find More Gifts and Keep Donors Thrilled

Speaker: Wayne Olson

The most difficult part of all fundraising is finding and engaging the best potential donors. However, prospect development does not need to be so hard. When done properly, it can actually be fun. This session explores time-tested ways of reaching out to potential donors while keeping the ones you already know happy. Even the best planned gifts cannot happen without an engaged prospect. Attendees will leave this session with practical tips to use right away to strengthen their portfolios and grow their pipelines.

  • Pairing Prospect Development with Planned Giving: Approaches for Shops of All Sizes and Types

Speaker: Mark Egge

This presentation will cover a range of ways that Planned Giving can leverage Prospect Development techniques and partner with Prospect Development staff to help solve numerous problems. The approaches include sophisticated and complex tools and techniques such as predictive modeling and asset valuations, as well as simpler, more easily implemented approaches such as ad-hoc algorithms and scoring methods, basic prospect research, and straight-forward queries for identifying and prioritizing prospects. Whether you are in a large, robustly staffed shop or a smaller operation, there will be approaches you can put to use right where you are.

  • Use Plannual Giving to Transition your Annual Giving Donors to Planned Gifts

Speaker: Robert Wahlers

We all know that loyal annual donors often make planned gifts to our organizations. Plannual giving is a strategy that allows you to promote awareness for planned giving options along with your regular annual giving outreach. This presentation will share best principles that each organization can use with your annual giving campaigns to cultivate donors that can make an ultimate gift to your cause.

  • Partnering in the New Age of Gift Planning: A Roadmap for Deeper Engagement of C-Suite Stakeholders

Speaker: Diane Strachan

In this session, speaker Diane Strachan, Director of Philanthropy at the Cleveland Museum of Art, will explore various ways to engage and partner with your trustees, CEO, and Executive Team. Whether in a campaign or not, estate commitments and serving as a champion of estate commitments is vital to the growth and sustainability of every organization regardless of size. Diane will share creative and "outside of the box" techniques to engage your board and CEO, as well as best practices for increasing your return on investment in a gift planning program.