Plan Your Campaign

  • Charting a Course to Campaign Readiness

Speaker: Michael Stein

A successful capital campaign is all about preparation on the front end. During this session we will review all of the fundamentals that need to be in place to maximize your results, including: selection of campaign counsel, development department assessment, developing the campaign vision/case for support, strategic advancement (aka feasibility study), building your volunteer base, identifying top prospects and development of the campaign plan. Finally, we will discuss strategies to best incorporate planned gifts into your campaign goals, where appropriate.

  • You Want Us to Raise How Much? The Role of Planned and Deferred Gifts in a Campaign

Speaker: Pete Sommerfeld

Whatever your organization and mission, the press for philanthropic funding has never been greater. That demand has given rise to increasingly ambitious campaign goals. What role do planned and deferred gifts play in reaching those goals? How are those goals set, and how are those gifts solicited? This session will explore different ways of answering those questions, utilizing both prepared remarks and shared experiences, with a goal of equipping attendees to help make and implement those decisions.

  • Gift Planning and Blended Gifts: The Perfect Campaign Cocktail

Speaker: Elizabeth Ayers

How does a gift planner blend the perfect cocktail for campaign success? To answer this question, we must first define our work as gift planners. Through this analysis our work and metrics become clear. We will then discuss how best to collaborate with our partners and end the session with an interactive clues discussion.

  • Strategies for Campaign Success - How to Broaden Your Major and Planned Giving Prospect Pool Through Effective Campaign Design

Speaker: John Donovan

As organizational needs continue to evolve in all not-for-profit sectors to include capital, program and endowment investment, so to do the strategies and tactics being employed in today's most complex campaigns. The session will discuss the latest in campaign methodologies that broaden the prospect pool through effective case design and policy development and how best to engage organizational donors and prospects that incorporate major and planned gifts to maximize success. Participants will walk away with campaign strategies based on individual case studies on integrated gifts that match donor interests with organizational priorities.